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Pest control services vary from using pesticides to exterminate insects, to handling wildlife that has been found in secluded indoor areas like the basement. The methods to be used and the total cost will largely depend on the type and severity of the pest control problem. This guide will help you know the usual costs of the different pest control services, and how to find the best company that can meet your needs.

The Different Pest Control Services and Costs

The general pest control method to eliminate insects, such as roaches and spiders, could cost between $50 and $300 or higher for the first application. The initial application typically involves installing bait traps, and/or spraying on baseboards and/or the home’s exterior. The cost will depend on local rates, the size of the house, and the type of pests found. Most companies either recommend regular visits, which could cost you between $25-60 monthly or $30-110 quarterly. This means your total annual cost could range from $300-600, or more.

Initial visual inspection for bed bugs, meanwhile, could either be free or cost between $50 and $200 or higher. Bed bug inspections by a specially-trained dog could cost you $300-600. Treatment for bed bug invasion range from $250 to $900 per room, with the total cost potentially reaching between $1,000 to $10,000 or more, depending on the severity and method used.

Termite extermination methods involve either the use of chemicals, bait, heat, fumigation, or electricity. The cost could range from $1,200 to $2,500 per 1,250 square feet.

Ant control is normally included in the general pest control service, but could cost more for fire ant control treatment – around $100 to $300. Carpenter ant control could cost as high as $500-1,000 when you let a professional do the application to your entire house. Wasp or bee removal is priced between $100-700 or more, based on the location and the severity.

For removing unwanted wildlife from the secluded areas inside your home, you need to prepare around $200-1,000, or more. The amount that you need to pay will depend on the type of animal present and the level of difficulty in removing it. Measures to prevent entry of snakes in the future might cost you an additional $100-500, or more.

Looking for the Best Pest Control Company

Pest control companies use different methods to control pests and remove unwanted wildlife. The difficulty level in getting rid of unwanted animals is usually higher than simply removing pests. This is why there are animal control companies, separated from pest control service providers. There are pest control companies with a special division that focuses on wildlife removal, but involves a completely different staff.

You can look for local pest and/or animal control companies within your area through the websites of the Termite Institute and the National Pest Management Association. The Environmental Protection Agency offers several helpful tips for finding the best pest control company. For wildlife removal companies, you can check the National Wildlife Trapper Directory or the National Wildlife Control Operators Association. You can check for tips on how to choose a wildlife removal company through the Humane Society of the United States. Aside from these agencies and organizations, it is ideal to search for customer reviews and see if any complaints have been filed with the Better Business Bureau.

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